The air is our sea

The air is our seaUntil are you unspread its wings, don't know, to what heights you can fly up.

The air is our sea

The air is our seaUntil are you unspread its wings, don't know, to what heights you can fly up.

The air is our sea

The air is our seaUntil are you unspread its wings, don't know, to what heights you can fly up.

The air is our sea

The air is our seaUntil are you unspread its wings, don't know, to what heights you can fly up.

The air is our sea

The air is our seaUntil are you unspread its wings, don't know, to what heights you can fly up.

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Our history


Local police station started to look after the airport by the territorial and commisional state control. It gained the document for the establishment after the completing of the construction of necessary buildings, in 1934, and it served as a needed airport for the aerial transport. A building for a radio guide caretaker was a part of the airport. (Photos can be found here.).


Aeroclub Břeclav was established on the state public remedial airport. During that time it was called "Winch Aeroclub Břeclav Station". That period was in the name of the post-war situation. The construction and development of the Aeroclub was not easy because of money (industry and agriculture had to be done firstly). The first building since that time was a small hangar (later on divided into three parts and rebuilt into workrooms and garages for our terrestrial machinery where the glider SK-38 was set in and VT-24 Krajánek as well. We can fly with them with a help of flexible rope, later the takeoffs were done with different handmade winches -Ford, Horch... In 1951 the Czech organisation of aviation (ČSLL-later on DOSLET) was established. There are not many members in our Aeroclub who were born and can reminisce these times.


Current organisation Doslet became under the more organised form of training, SVAZARM, the organisation for cooperating with the army. All aerial sports were placed there. The aim of this organisation was to prepare young pilots, modellers-glider pilots and motor pilots and pilots for the army. The period was hectic and most of our elder members surely remember that time. We built a new wooden hangar with quarters and offices by self-help. It was brought from Čebín in small parts. Other two gliders were brought into this hangar -LG-124 Galánka and VT-25. Later a double-seat VT-109 Pionýr and VT-130 were put there as well. A new serial made winch Hercules was placed to Aeroclub. It towed the gliders and then was sold to Russia, in 1995. We gained more luxury when we were given a tractor Zetor 25 because the number of takeoffs could increase. Two transport vehicles Praga A-150 were also given us. One of them was driving till 1993 when it was sold to a collector of veterans' cars. Because of the close border line to the west part of the world we have never received a new engine plane and aero tows had to be done only with a help of tow planes from AK Brno Medlánky or AK Brno Slatina.


A new brick hangar with a steel roof was built there. Other gliders were placed into it, VT-425 Šohaj III. And later on Blaník L-13. On account of the abolition of the airport in Miroslav in 1965, because of the politic security reasons, a part of aerial machinery had to be moved to Břeclav. Pilots were transferred there as well. Big attempt to cancel all aeroclubs near the borders was one of our problems. But the fact that nobody had never tried to emigrate from our airport was decisive for us. The airport has been progressing since that and becoming an adequate internal airport. Because we border with Austria, we could not have to own any motor airplanes in our Aeroclub (always there was a fear of emigration somebody into imperialistic Austria). But it meant also few "advantages" for us. We were the first who were given a new serial made winch Hercules 3 from the Aerotechnic Moravská Třebová. This winch was towing till 2005. It was sold to a newly founded Aeroclub in Bohemia that year. In 60´s a flotilla of Aeroclub was spread, new wooden high efficient gliders were given us, Orlík VT-16 and VT-116. And a period of more efficient flying in our Aeroclub could start. Founded members are setting up a parabranch with a training of parachuting.


A store house for technical tools was built by our self-help. In 1964 and 1967 Aeroclub arranged its first aviatic days at the airport. Svazarm gave us the vehicle Avia A30 which served also for many profitable campaigns.


During the years 1970 and 1971 a new office house was built near the newest hangar (social place for glider pilots) and parachutists were finishing the construction of their social place (today's hostel and bar). Old wooden hangar was destroyed and new used portacabins UNIMO were bought from MND. We had another two new gliders VSO-10 (OK-4526, OK-0512) and Blaník L-13 was replaced from Vyškov as a reward for the high number of trained pilots. Later we swapped Blaník L13 with a new Super Blaník L-23. Still in a position of a winch-station we could take a new winch Hercules 4 made by Aerotechnic Moravská Třebová. We still have it. In the end of this period, for the first time in the history of the Aeroclub, we were given a motor glider L13SW Vivat. We were asked to use it only at weekends (officers wanted to dismantle its propeller, first, but because of the safety usage they decided to dismantle a small cup of maker the fuel desilter). This first motor glider was the beginning of the motorizing and the first motor pilot was educated there. To educate next pilots we could use planes Z-142 and for joy flights we could use Z-43.


A huge activity of planes made us built a new storehouse of driving fuel. A post revolution period caused the end of Svazarm and Aeroclubs went under the new organisation called Technique Sports Association of CR. This association was made to delimitate the property of Svazarm and we could become the owners of its planes and properties (buildings and fields).The rest of Svazarm propriety came into a new established organisation whose founders were all aeroclubs in that time. Their mother's organisation - Aeroclub of Czech and Moravian (AČM), later on renamed Aeroclub of CR (AeCR) was their patronage. The airport surface was returned to the property of the town Břeclav. The end of Svazarm meant also the end of giving aerial and ground techniques to aeroclubs. Since that we had to get money for the costs and for the new ground and aerial machinery as well. The hard economical conditions and the fact that we did not have any airborne plane led to the end of the activity of parabranch at our airport. In 1993 the Aeroclub changed into citizens association according to the law 83/1990 and it lasts till now.

Since 1998

Aeroclub is receiving the status of public domestic airport (VVL). The status enables to improve utilities both, for the public and for the town Břeclav. The airport of Břeclav and Břeclav is publicised in international aerial informational publications. The social base of Aeroclub was reconstructed -offices, motel, bar. Also a new control tower and a storehouse of driving fuel were rebuilt. Nowadays they offer comfortable service with a fully automated stand. The South Moravian region was an important sponsor of the reconstructions. And we still need to rebuilt some buildings and the airport surface and we hope the town Břeclav, we represent the town in the whole world; will contribute with some money in the future.

If you want to look at the real history of the building (and not only the building) of Aeroclub Břeclav, you can see it in historical photogallery, which contains pictures since 1948 and we still give there new ones lend out of our ancestors.

History presidents

1954-1963 ........ Bohumil Licek (10 years)
1964-1965 ........ Oskar Bernátek (2 years)
1966-1967 ........ Stanislav Duda (2 years)
1968-1991 ........ Petr Doležal (24 years)
1992-1993 ........ Roman Mrázik (2 years)
1994-1995 ........ Václav Hrůza (2 years)
1996-1999 ........ Roman Mrázik (2 years)
2000-2001 ........ Michal Marcinčák (2 years)
2002-2002 ........ Miroslav Odložilík (1 year)
2003-2004 ........ Martin Popelka (2 years)
2005-2012 ........ Roman Mrázik (8 years)
2013----- ........ Petr Vacenovský

More photos (335)
Photo-gallery history

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